Trigr Platform

Efficient, scalable and cross-platform

A SaaS platform powering both mobile and display advertising products.

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Trigr Builder

Drag-and-drop ad editor. Make changes visually.

Empower a team of designers, not developers, to create competitive ad products that command premium CPMs.

Build ads of any size. Make them expand. Display content in tabs. It's up to you.

Switch easily between different versions of an ad. Restore a backup if you make a mistake.


Built for mobile

Develop ads for both mobile and desktop advertising with Trigr's responsive platform.

Trigr ads are fully compatible with the latest smartphone and tablet technologies.

Responsive: Create ads that adapt to any mobile screen size and orientation.


Live Updates

Update and publish your ads in real-time.

Click-to-edit ad content and preview changes as you make them.

Publish instantly. Your changes are visible in moments.

Optimize your ad creative with contextually relevant content.

Quickly adapt to current events and trends with agile ad creation.


Highly engaging

Video: Play YouTube videos, use your own player, or let us serve your video.

Social feeds: In-ad Twitter and Facebook streams.

Polls: Ask your customers a question and display results in real time.

Custom solutions: Collect emails, administer surveys, play live video.


Globally Distributed

Trigr ads are distributed globally to 20+ edge servers.

Fast load times mean higher interaction rates.

Upload and serve PDFs, images, and other documents directly from our global network of servers.


Real-time Analytics

Comprehensive real-time analytics: Track and optimize ads on the fly.

Generate custom queries and reports to better understand your data.

Analytics API for displaying data where you want it.